What a cracker of a Show this year! We all had a blast, and we hope you did too. Here are the results from our Hall of Industries competition, as well as the outdoor competitions.

Hall of Industries - 2019

Knitting & Crocheting Highest Aggregate Points - Judy Berry Best Exhibit - Shirley Tongs

Needlework Highest Aggregate Points - Judy Berry Best Exhibit - Pat Dobbey

Novelty Handcraft Highest Aggregate Points - Judy Berry Best Exhibit - Janice Cook

Art & Craft Highest Aggregate Points - Tanya Kean Best Exhibit - Judy Berry

Photography Highest Aggregate Points - Linda Smith Best Exhibit - Linda Smith

Alcoholic Beverages Highest Aggregate Points - Matt Dunbabin (Bangor Vineyard) Best Exhibit - Matt Dunbabin (Bangor Vineyard)

Fruit & Nuts Highest Aggregate Points - Lionel Gyer Best Exhibit - Margaret Valentine

Vegetables Highest Aggregate Points - Lionel Gyer Best Exhibit - Matt Wise

Flowers Highest Aggregate Points - Dawn Flower Best Exhibit - Dawn Flower

Cookery Highest Aggregate Points - Helen Peters Best Exhibit - Helen Peters Spaulding Prize - Jacinta Young

Home Industries Highest Aggregate Points - Anna Chesterman Best Exhibit - Penny Bartley

Individual & Family Junior Exhibitors Highest Aggregate Points - up to 4 years - Ari Sands Highest Aggregate Points - 5 to 8 years - Chloe Goodey
Highest Aggregate Points - 9 to 12 years - Jaden Goodey Highest Aggregate Points - 13 to 16 years - Oliver Wood
Cookery Encouragement Award - Jayme Nattey

Highest Aggregate Points in Hall of Industries: Judy Berry
Highest Aggregate Points in Sections A, B & C:
Judy Berry
Best Homecraft Exhibit in the Hall of Industries:
Pat Dobbey Committee Challenge: Kate Field

Outdoor Competitions - 2019

Wool Grand Champion Fleece - Flexmore Park Most Commercially Valuable Fleece - Dalkeith Partners

Fodder & Pasture Irrigated Pasture - William Downie Non-irrigated Pasture - Chris Cusick Best Fodder Crop - Stroud Dairy

Heaviest Pumpkin - Adult - Shane Newitt - New Record at 553.5kg Heaviest Pumpkin - Junior - Bella and Jessica Newitt - 202.5 kg Giant Zucchini/Marrow - Silas Holmes - 6.5kg

Senior Showgirl - Tara Flower

Scarecrow - The Mundy Family

Scone Bake Off - Jodie Wicks

Blunnie Toss Junior (16 years and under) Male - Tony Nichols Junior (16 years and under) Female - Kaitly Haas Senior (17 years and over) Male - Lindsay Tatnell Senior (17 years and over) Female - Miriam MacGregor

Rural Iron Woman - Helen Whitaker

Lawn Mower Race - Nugent Roosters

Guess the weight of the Cow - Jane Symmons and James Wardlow (702 kg) Guess the weight of the Rooster - Rosie Dean (3.97kg)

Name the Flags - Carolyn Sallis

Pie Eating - Glenn Carson