Competitions and Activities

At the Bream Creek Show there are so many competitions and activities, that they have been loosely classified into the six areas specified below. By clicking on each box you will be able to find out areas in which they are run and entry requirements/forms/contact information for each activity/competition.

Briefly, Agricultural includes: the Wool Competition, Scarecrow Competition, Fodder and Pasture Competition and Sheepdog Trials.

The Arena includes: Blunny Tossing, Tossing Events, the Ironwoman Competition and the Pie Eating Competition.

The Pumpkin Area includes: the Heaviest Pumpkin and Largest Vegetable Competitions.

The Woodchopping Area has a full day’s program of woodchopping events.

Guessing games include: The Weight of the Heaviest Pumpkin, the Weight of a Bull, the Weight of a Rooster and Name the Flags.

Rural Kids on Show has six age categories for competitors dressed in rural outfits.