Map and Program

The map of the Bream Creek show ground is displayed below. It indicates the location and information on the events that will take place around the ground.

Animals, Poultry, Reptiles:

All types of young animals can be found in the Animal Nursery, while in the rear section of the showground you might find sheep dogs working on sheep and cattle exhibits that are part of a competition. On the main arena there may be bullock driving or draught horse racing. Some years have had snake wrangling and performing dogs. There is usually a guess the weight of a rooster competition and guess the weight of the steer.

The Wool Pavilion:

Visiting the wool pavilion allows patrons to view champion fleeces and watch experts from the spinners and weavers guild spinning fleeces into wool as well as demonstrations of shearing, using both electrical shears and the old hand shears of yesteryear. The Jack Smith Working Models, originally part of the Copping Museum, are now a permanent feature in the wool pavilion.

Music, Food and Fun:

There is music available all day, from choir performances to indie/folk to rock, with a feature band available to provide music to dance to at the end of the day. Food stalls include Parents and Friends from the Dunalley School, as well as the Sorell Rotary with treats that will make your mouth water. In the Luncheon Room only local food will be showcased and wine and a cheese plate will be available for sale through the day.

Crafty Corner:

One part of the showgrounds is dedicated to those people who make a living from making useful, and sometimes not so useful, items for the community. If you examine the map of the show ground, you will discover Crafty Corner, where you may be able to buy wooden articles, pottery, jewellery and many other beautiful pieces.


Please find last year’s program attached above