Agricultural Competitions

There are a variety of agricultural competitions. The ones for 2020 are shown below. The 2022 competitions and rules will be determined as the Show schedule is prepared. Many of the rules below will likely be similar in 2022.

Collection of exhibits and prizes:

  • Exhibits can be collected after 4 pm.
  • Prizes, certificates and prize money can be collected from the Show Office after the event.
  • The committee cannot accept any responsibility for exhibits or prize money not collected by 5.00 pm on show day.


All fleeces must be grown by the exhibitor. All entries must be skirted ewe or wether fleeces. All fleeces must be in wool packs – no plastic bags accepted. Fleeces must be from commercially run flocks and must not be shedded or rugged. Fleeces must be delivered by (to be announced) to Wool store, Brighton.

Sashes for Grand Champion Fleece and Most Commercially Valuable Fleece and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd for each class.

Grand Champion Fleece – WB Downie Memorial. Prize donated by the Downie Family.

Prize money: To be determined

  • Less than 18 Microns  
  • 18 to 20 Microns  
  • 20 to 23 Microns
  • 23 Microns and above

Fodder and Pasture

Pastures are judged during 2nd week of March 2022.  Results will be displayed in the Wool Pavilion on show day. The minimum pasture size is 2ha, sown prior to autumn 2021 and within 50km of Bream Creek. To enable a fairer assessment of entries, entrants need to provide basic information for each entry giving the basic sowing, fertiliser and grazing history.

Prize money: to be determined


  • Irrigated pasture
  • Non – irrigated Pasture
  • Best Fodder Crop

Scarecrow Competition

Entry is open to all.  Competitors may enter as a group, family, school or individual.

Exhibits accepted at the Show Office by 9.00am on show day.

Emphasis should be on the use of natural materials.

Judging will take place at 10.15am on Show day.

Prize money: To be determined

Sheep Yard Dogs Competition

The Tasmanian Yard Dog Association will conduct a competition with three classes:

  • Novice event
  • Open event
  • Improver event

Sashes and prizes will be awarded for each competition category.

Guessing Games

Below are some of the games that were offered in previous Bream Creek Shows.

Guess The Weight of the Heaviest Pumpkin

  • Entries accepted at the Secretary’s Office before the time of the official pumpkin weighing (1pm). 
  • Competition entry fee per entry. 
  • Prize

Guess The Weight of the Bull

  • Located near the Forestry Hut.
  • Competition entry per guess (in kilograms)
  • Prize

Guess The Weight of the Rooster  

  • Located near the Forestry Hut.
  • Competition entry $ per guess (in grams)
  • Prize

Name The Flags

  • Entry forms can be obtained on show day from the secretary’s office.
  • Competition entry $ per entry.
  • Looking at the flags from the veranda of the Hall of Industries, entrants must name the 14 flags (country) from left to right. 
  • Entries will be drawn at 3pm. 
  • Prize: