Our People

Executive positions

  • President: Chris Cusick
  • Secretary: Jileesa James
  • Treasurer: Ann Pitney
  • Vice President: Ian Ritchie
  • Vice President: Andrew Dunbabin
  • Patron: Mr Robert Badenach AM
  • Vice Patron: Mr Kerry Vincent
  • Vice Patron: Mr William Downie

Current committee

Andrew Bennett, Pat Burke, Michele Caldwell, Mandy Cotman, Michael Crisp, William Downie, John Field, Penny Goodland, Sarah Jacobson, Henry James, Annie Kerr, Sandra Leathem, Dean Maddock, Brigid Ritchie, Hannah Ritchie, Ellie Rose, Karen Rose, Jane Spaulding, Ashley Cusick & Ray Taylor.

Mission Statement

By hosting an annual Bream Creek Show we aim to preserve local country traditions and to celebrate our region by providing a platform for local industries to showcase their produce  

Vision Statement

  • To be recognised as the best rural show in Tasmania, whilst maintaining our focus on tradition.    
  • To present a show for all ages that reflects the values of our rural community & environment.   
  • To provide opportunities for recognition of talent and skills of our community members.
  • To motivate young community members and encourage involvement.
  • To continue to improve the standard of our facilities and promote increased community usage.

Life Members

The criteria for Life Membership includes:

  • 20 years of committee membership demonstrating an active contribution to the core activity of the Society;
  • significant contribution to the running of the show over a majority of the years of their membership;
  • demonstrate the following:
    (i) have had multiple active roles benefitting a large number of people over a long period of time;
    (ii) have contributed significantly to the development and running of many shows;
    (iii) have participated to a much greater extent than the average member as a regular, reliable and consistent volunteer;
    (iv) have demonstrated a history of organising.
  • Mr Derek Kingston *
  • Sir Reginald Wright *
  • Mrs Rita Brown *
  • Mrs Verna Wylie *
  • Mr Jim Dunbabin *
  • Mr Vic Woolley *
  • Mr John Bignell
  • Mr Bruce Downie *
  • Mrs Jean Kingston *
  • Mr Thomas Dunbabin
  • Mr Bernard Woolley *
  • Mrs Sadie Burgess
  • Mrs Frances Spaulding *
  • Mrs Maria Woolley
  • Mrs Gwen Jacobson *
  • Mr William Downie
  • Mrs Judy Bennett
  • Mrs Brigid Ritchie
  • Mr Andrew Bennett

* Deceased

Service Awards

These awards were introduced at the 100th Show to recognise those volunteers who have made a significant contribution to the running of many shows. The following people have received an award for their efforts.

Frances Spaulding, Judy Berry, Bev Stephens, Colin Stevens, Elaine Downie, Judy Bennett, Charles Bignell, Richard Bignell, Susie Daly, Gary Kingston, Lesa Kingston, Greg Doddridge, Caroline Bignell, Jane Spaulding, Jim Giffard, Pam Giffard, Robin Reeves, Arthur Hibbard, Andrew Bennett, Hilary Slavin, Robert Badenach AM, Ray Taylor, Charlie Blacklow

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