The complete list of all prize winners in the Hall of Industries is available at Showday Online. Simply choose the Results tab, then from the dropdown select the section and class.

2024 section winners are listed below:

Section A – Knitting and Crochet

Highest Aggregate Points:          Nicola Oliver

Best Exhibit:                                      Kate North

Section B – Needlework

Highest Aggregate Points:          Nicola Oliver

Best Exhibit:                                      Roslyn Grierson

Section C – Handcraft

Highest Aggregate Points:          Nicola Oliver

Best Exhibit:                                      Nicola Oliver

Joan Mary Hazell Prize highest aggregate points sections A, B and C: Nicola Oliver

Section D – Creative Arts and Craft

Highest Aggregate Points:          Nicola Oliver

Best Exhibit:                                      Matilda Buckley

Section E – Photography

Highest Aggregate Points:          Mandy Cotman

Best Exhibit:                                      Mandy Cotman

Section F – Fruit, Nuts and Eggs

Highest Aggregate Points:          Sandra Potter

Best Exhibit:                                      David and Diane Cane

Section G – Vegetables

Highest Aggregate Points:          Gabrielle Balen

Best Exhibit:                                      Tara Edmundson

Gwen Jacobson Memorial Prize: Gabrielle Balen

Section H – Flowers

Highest Aggregate Points:          Nyree Featherstone

Best Exhibit:                                      Nyree Featherstone

Section I – Cookery

Highest Aggregate Points:          Anna Chesterman and Pauline Gobbey (equal points)

Best Exhibit:                                      Jyoti Bindu

Section J – Home Industries

Highest Aggregate Points:          Anna Chesterman

Best Exhibit:                                      Anna Chesterman

Section K – Junior Exhibitor

VC Woolley Memorial Prize for best junior cookery item: Russell Graham

Special Prize Winners

  • Best Sponge Cake Janice Brazendale
  • Best Australian Natives Kate Hutson
  • Best Garlic Bulbs Cherry Wherett
  • Best Plum Pudding Susan Carr
  • Best Shortbread Janice Brazendale
  • Best Brown Eggs Kate Field
  • Best Junior Exhibit Freya Faulstich
  • Best School Exhibit Reargan Noy
  • Best Nature Photo (under 16) Clover O’Reagan

A highlight of the competition is the JM Dunbabin prize which is awarded for the person who has the highest aggregate points across all sections in the Hall of Industries. This year’s winner is Anna Chesterman.

  • 2002 Judy Berry
  • 2003 Judy Berry
  • 2004 Judy Berry
  • 2005 Judy Berry
  • 2006 Judy Berry
  • 2007 Judy Berry
  • 2008 Judy Berry
  • 2009 Judy Berry
  • 2010 Archie Kingston
  • 2011 Betty Gregson
  • 2012 Judy Berry
  • 2013 Judy Berry
  • 2014 Dawn Flower
  • 2015 Helen Peters
  • 2016 Judy Berry
  • 2017 Helen Peters
  • 2018 Judy Berry
  • 2019 Judy Berry
  • 2020 No show due to Covid 19
  • 2021 No show due to Covid 19
  • 2022 Judy Berry
  • 2023 Anna Chesterman
  • 2024 Anna Chesterman